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Unturned Stones is a documentary film on Charles and Frances Townes. Charles is a legendary scientist whose work spans molecular physics, astronomy and government service--he is most well-known for inventing the laser in 1958 and his later contributions include Chairing the Science and Technology Advisory Committee for the Apollo landings, discovery of water and ammonia in space, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, new interferometric approaches to studying stars and expanding the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence to visible and infrared wavelengths. Charles has also been a leading advisor to the United States Government on defense, economic and arms control issues, and to the Pope as a member of the Pontifical Academy of the Sciences.

While comprehensively covering his career, the film displays Charles' devotion to God and family that are paramount in his life. He met his wife Frances in 1940 on a ski trip and they got to know each during dates, family trips and a mutual love of opera. They married in 1941 and have enjoyed 73 years together and a family of four daughters. They have been on a spiritual journey marked by daily prayer, weekly Church attendance, and a Christian faith that acts on the selfless example of Jesus Christ.

The film explores Charles’ unique views on science and religion: he believes these two domains of human understanding are a lot more parallel and similar than most people think, and converging over time. To him, both science and religion try to understand the origin of the universe and life itself and benefit from mutual interaction. A more detailed look will be featured in the final cut and can be read about in the Resources section.

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Taran Singh